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June 17, 2012 1 Comment

My 32nd birthday was June 4th. Brad and the boys did a GREAT job making me feel so special and loved! We drove to Ljubljana and hung out with my dear friend Sharon that also celebrated her birthday that week. Our husbands watched all 5 kids while we hung out downtown, it was a super great time! Then on friday we invited people to come over for a birthday party, we had a great time. Two sweet girls sang my favorite song to me and Brad played guitar it was very special.



June 5, 2012

We don’t go swimming as a family on a regular basis but when we do go it is a real treat! It is amazing to see each time we go, Landon get’s bolder and better at trying to swim. In the beginning of May we were able to go swimming and Landon started swimming by himself (he couldn’t touch the bottom in the pool we were in) and was swimming across the pool by the end of our time! It was so awesome to watch him work hard at something and get better and better!

WAR on dandelions!!

May 31, 2012

As I said before we have planted new grass! We are very excited! Unfortunately, among the grass that is poking up, dandelions are popping up EVERYWHERE! My wonderful husband has declared WAR on the dandelions and has been researching and deciding how to get rid of them! I am very proud of him for all his efforts in making our yard nice, great for the boys to play in and pretty for us to look at! So, as much as we are not liking dandelions right now I still like to take pictures of the boys blowing “wishes”, when the dandelions go to seed. These pictures we not taken in our back yard 🙂 but in our dear friend Andrej’s yard who has also declared war on them as well!

Trying to have green thumbs!

May 29, 2012

Well, throughout our whole married life we have avoided nurturing plant life as we both don’t feel super good at it or super interested. BUT, this spring we have torn out our old grass, done a bunch of different steps and planted new grass and have a little garden where we are trying to grow a few things, one of them being american style pumpkins (as they are hard to come by over here). Here are a few pictures of the guys scattering grass seed. We actually have green grass sprouting up and I will post current pictures soon!

Playtime with the boys!

May 28, 2012

These boys are so fun! I love the stages they are each in! Landon is loving drawing, painting, writing and coloring, he is very curious about life and very teachable and cooperative with projects. Jackson’s motto is “I will not be left behind!”. He loves play dough and painting and all though it is quite a project to clean up both with this little guy, it is so worth because of the joy he finds in it!


May 26, 2012

Brad didn’t get home from his trip until late Sunday night so we didn’t celebrate Easter until Monday. Our church family came over for Easter breakfast on monday and we had a great time celebrating Jesus and connecting together. In the afternoon, we just hung out as a family, gave the boys Easter baskets and just played together! We had so much fun! I am so thankful for my family of boys!

Easter Egg Hunt!

May 24, 2012

I am still way behind on posting but I am still trying to catch you all up on our life over here in Slovenia! Easter weekend Brad went on a crazy trip to France and Germany to pick up 20+ bikes that were being donated to JV. On Easter I drove to my dear friend Trish’s house (her husband was also on the trip) and we celebrated Easter with our kids. On the drive it started to SNOW, it only snowed for an hour or so and then melted away.  It was still a little bit chilly outside but wasn’t too bad so we ran across the street from Trish’s house to a little park and had a little Easter Egg Hunt for the boys.  They LOVED it and it was a lot of fun watching them run around like crazy trying to get eggs, even Jackson joined in and sweet Elizabeth (Trish’s daughter) looked on from the stroller :).






Homemade flowers!

May 6, 2012 2 Comments

In March I found a cool, easy way to make spring flowers with the boys. For those of you who know me well, know that I LOVE to make projects and I am blessed to have boys that LOVE making them with me! I hope this continues for awhile with Landon :), as he gets older, we will see :). What I am realizing is that the projects I want to make are perfect for Landon’s age but not for Jackson’s but he will not be left behind! He has to be in the mix and is very interested to do whatever big brother is doing! So, I let him paint with us and it was a little crazy and he tried to eat it but we had a great time and we made some pretty flowers!

Date day!

April 28, 2012 1 Comment

Directly after the Easter Egg hunt we hopped in the car without our kids 🙂 and drove to Austria to stay for a night! Andrej and Nina so graciously agreed to watch our kiddos so we could have a little time to rest and be together! We went to Klagenfurt Austria which is right by a beautiful lake, since Brad is a lake guy, it was the perfect place for us to be! We walked around the lake, hung out in downtown Austria, went to a cute Easter Market and then drove back to Slovenia. We had a great time together and was such a blessing to take a night away in the middle of a busy season!

Easter Egg Hunt!

April 27, 2012

Our church family put on an Easter Egg Hunt! We dyed easter eggs, had story time, hunted for eggs and ate some good food! We had a GREAT time, it was so fun to work on this event together as a church and to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection together. Our boys had a wonderful time. The weather was AMAZING and it was just an all around GREAT day!