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The Amazing Race

June 18, 2013

Have you ever watched the TV show “The Amazing Race?” Laurel and I have just watched a few seasons which we found enjoyable.  I’ve heard about our organization Josiah Venture putting on an amazing race for our interns for years now, but I have not be able to be a part of it.  Well, because of my new role as the camp guy, I was able to join the crew this year.  Nathan, Matt Mormance and I drove up to Poland and parked our van (we barely made it because of car trouble), then we took a night train to Lviv, Ukraine.  This was probably the most unique part of our trip…being woken up almost every hour by customs and boarder people or the grumpy train worker lady.

After spending the day in Lviv and getting prepared for the race with other helpers, we took another night to train to Kiev, Ukraine.  There we met all the 90 or so interns who flew in at about the same time.  From the airport we sent them off in teams to go on a three day amazing race that went to Lviv (yes, another night train for all of us), then to Poland and eventually to Czech.  In Czech we stayed at our headquarters for 5 days of intern training.

All in all it was a whirlwind of unique activity, but very enjoyable.  I loved getting to know our awesome 10 interns, a lot of JV people, and experiencing Ukraine.  Some of the challenges the teams (17 total) had to do were: embroider a small Ukraine flag (the hardest station), learn part of the language, zip line across one the longest lines in Europe, an eating challenge, learn a traditional Ukrainian dance and many other fun adventures.  Here are some pictures of our experience.


the crew (Team Slovenia split into two different teams)


team #1 came in 4th place out of 17!  Nice work!


after trailing for most of the race Slo team #2 came in 5th!  Nice comeback!


one of the night trains


the zip line



the eating challenge was finishing a bowl of “pork” gelatin


the embroidery challenge.  one team went from 1st to 17th at this station and it took them over 4.5 hours.  (an all boy team)




Matt Mormance and Nathan Ghiorso…our two fearless team leaders


I was at this station. Two people were tied together with string and they had to figure out how to get out of it.


All the interns and helpers

And here is a link to a video made by one of the interns, Gieselle:


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