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Church Signs

April 23, 2013


This post if a few years overdue.  Call it “spring cleaning” or “get the room ready for Nathan” or whatever, but I (Brad) have been on a crazy organizational kick.  I have finally and successfully organized years of stuff that I never took the time to go through.  While I was going through piles of paperwork I came across this gem.  Laurel and I wrote down different church signs that we saw as we drove across the country in 2008-2009. Having grown up in California, I honestly don’t get the church sign…and after seeing most of the country, I still don’t get it.  Here are few quotes of some beauties that we saw:

  • free trip to heaven. details inside
  • life is a test. there is a pop quiz at the end.
  • the commandments are not multiple choice
  • need directions? -God
  • crisis reveals who we are
  • the problems of psychics and horoscopes
  • find the roadmap to your purpose

and last but not least, our personal favorite (or least favorite):

  • you may party in hell, but you will be the barbecue 

Wow.  After reading that last sign, I am so incredibly motivated to go to that church!  hopefully they serve BBQ after the service.  🙂


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