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Speed skater!

February 6, 2013

A month ago Landon went ice skating with his school and he came home raving about it! He was so pumped to go back again. When we went to Poland, Naja took him twice! When we came home that is all he talked about and is still talking about it! We made time on Sunday and all went down to the little skating rink set up in the center of Maribor. Landon and I rented skates and Brad and Jackson walked on the rink. Jackson was a little overwhelmed by all the people on the ice but he had fun walking around and holding our hands. We had so much fun! Landon has really good balance and loves to go really fast! Since we went on a sunday it was quite crowded and he couldn’t go as fast as he wanted but we still had fun anyway. We are excited to go back again sometime soon! Usually, I am always taking the pictures so there isn’t very many of me, this time since I was skating Brad took the pictures and they are all of me and Landon and none of Brad! We need to share the camera and have pictures of all of us! Oh well, next time maybe :).







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