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Landon John Jenkins

February 2, 2013

Landon is almost 6 1/2 years old. As most of you know he started school this fall. I was very concerned and had a lot of fear walking in to this school year. I spent many a morning repenting of my fear and asking the Lord to give me peace and wisdom and to walk before Landon and prepare the way for Landon to not just do ok but to thrive! Thankfully, Landon is doing very well in his first grade class. His teacher’s are pretty kind and encouraging, the kids (for the most part) seem to get a long with him and he is taking off with the Slovene language! He talks so fast that I have to ask him to slowly repeat what he said! We are so proud of our little guy! His current interests are coloring, drawing, anything super heroes, loves riding his bike, ice skating (has gone 3 times this winter and loves it!), sledding, rollerblading, hip hop dancing, loves playing the game “guess who?”, and is a beginner reader in English and Slovene. Brad and I take turns walking or biking with Landon to and from school and we have really enjoyed this time with him. We pray together, talk together, laugh together and these walks have been so meaningful to us. We are in a new stage of parenting with him, out of the pre-school stage and now into the school age stage! We love our little man and are so proud of who he is becoming!


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