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Marriage Conference!

January 29, 2013

Last week, a sweet friend of ours watched the boys for us, while we headed up to Poland for a marriage conference! We had a great time. Dave Patty taught and he is definitely one of my favorite teacher’s to listen to. I learned knew stuff and reviewed old stuff and it was all so good to listen and think about with Brad. The only bummer was that I was still sick from the colds we all had the week before and I just couldn’t get better, so for a lot of the conference I felt out of it and so tired! One good thing that came out of that was how well Brad cared for me, put me first and helped me rest. I felt so loved by him. Brad and I have been married for 10 years (well in July it will be 10) and we are determined to have not just a good marriage but an awesome marriage! I feel so thankful to work for an organization that cares about my marriage and puts on a conference for us and finds funding so that it is free for us! Wow-we are so blessed. The boys had such a great time with our friend and that was such a blessing too! Thank you JV for such a great conference and thank you Naja for taking such good care of our kids. Oh, and since it was in Poland I did a little Polish pottery shopping as well! 🙂 All around it was a great week for us and our boys too!




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