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Highlights of 2012

January 9, 2013

Looking Back 2012 was a great year for our family, not a ton of BIG things happened but a lot of little things that made for a good year!

Right at the end of 2011 Jackson took a few steps but really started being an official walker in January of 2012! For me when our boys started walking that was when I realized they aren’t babies anymore, they are toddlers!


Landon learned how to ski in February of 2012. This was a huge deal for him since he had wanted to try skiing since he was 3!


Our church family really started to grow and we started a children’s class!



In the spring we even tried our hand at gardening! First we re-planted grass in the backyard and then we planted pumpkins, zucchini and tomatoes in a little side garden! It was a little crazy for us and not sure if we will do it again but it was fun for our family to watch stuff grow!


My mom came and watched the boys for English Camp! I taught at English Camp which was super fun and I loved my class, translator and helper :)! We had a really great camp this year, truly memorable!


Soon after camp my mom, the boys and I hopped on a plane and flew to America. I got the boys settled in VA with Brad’s family and then I trained up to New York to meet 5 of our Slovene High School Students for a crazy America Trip! We went to New York, Washington DC, VA, Nashville TN, GA, FL, and Disney World! It was such an amazing trip, one we will always remember!






After the trip we came home exhausted and went on our annual camping trip with the boys. I think this is one of our favorite things to do as a family!






We came home just in time for Landon to start Elementary School! Yes, folks my baby is in the first grade!


Our back yard garden continued to grow and grow and we had a big harvest of American style pumpkins (they are hard to find over here in SLO).



We had a BUSY CRAZY fall and then we jumped right into Christmas! We had a great Christmas and New Year’s and now we are looking forward to what God has for us in 2013!





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