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Christmas Time

December 17, 2012

DSC_0405Well, after a long break, I am back to blogging! Sorry to those of you that kept checking and saw old posts from this summer! Life got away from me and was out of the routine of posting. Now I am determined to try again! So, instead of attempting to catch everyone up, I am just going to blog currently. Maybe now and again I will post about something from the summer or fall but for now let’s stick with winter and christmas!

This Christmas season so far has been so fun! We got our tree up at the beginning of the season and the boys had so much fun decorating it. Jackson kept putting the same plastic ball on the tree over and over again! Each time he would clap and say “Yeah” and we would cheer him on! He must have put that silly ornament on 25 times!

We have been doing an advent experience with the boys called “The Truth in the Tinsel”.  It is very good and has been a great experience for the boys. Everyday you are supposed to make a christmas ornament that represents different parts of the Christmas story. Landon is really understanding and remembering so much of the story. Although it has been great and I highly recommend it, I don’t know that I will do it again because I am in a house full of boys and attempting to do a craft each day with 3 boys (yes, I am including Brad :)) has been quite a challenge! However, we will persevere this year and try something easier next year!

Another thing that has made this Christmas season fun is it has snowed some and the boys have LOVED playing in the snow! It has melted for now but hopefully we will get some more. Here are a few pictures of this Christmas season so far!

DSC_0433 DSC_0411




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