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Quick Update!

March 13, 2012

So, february came and went so quickly because our whole month was consumed with Winter Camp! As I said before it went really well and we are so grateful to God for moving in the hearts of our youth! Now it is March, we recovered from winter camp and then I went off to a JV women’s retreat. It was at the same place where we have our summer English Camp (castle in Austria). It was a worship and prayer retreat and exactly what my tired, weary heart needed! Brad watched our kids and had a great time with the boys! This was the first time that he watched the two boys for an extended period of time. When I came home he encouraged me by saying how impressed he is that I can watch the boys and get a lot of things done at the same time (yes, I am a multi-tasker, my husband is not :)!). So that is a quick update to catch you all up to speed on the Jenkins family. I don’t really have a picture to go with this post but I have a few of Jackson that I have not posted so I will put them in. This crazy little guy LOVES to dress up and put on hats, gloves, capes, headbands, whatever! He sure does have a great personality-both of our boys do, if I do say so myself :).


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