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Valentine’s Day!

February 28, 2012

This year we had a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day! Brad and two other guys that we are friends with in Maribor all worked together to surprise their wives. They took us to Zagreb, Croatia to a chocolate festival! It was super fun, we ate some of the best ice cream I think I have ever eaten, saw lots of cool things made out of chocolate and saw the longest cake I have ever seen! Then we drove 30 min outside the city to the Dean’s of Andrej and Nina’s Bible College they went to and they prepared a fancy lunch for us (see picture of beautiful table below). They even made us a cute appetizer (see picture at the end) with little hearts cut out of bread, I really appreciate stuff like that, it makes my heart happy! 🙂 We had a great time meeting them and talking about life, family, ministry and marriage. Then we hopped back in the car drove back to SLO and back to our kiddos. We had a great time together and a Valentine’s Day I will always remember :). I will always remember it also because we came home to a very sick Jackson with a temperature and did not look good! I immediately got back in the car and took him to the Dr. where he was diagnosed with brochitits and double ear infection! Poor little guy, he is mostly better now! Still, all in all it was a great V Day! Thank you Naja for watching the boys and taking such good care of them!


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