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Winter Camp!

February 26, 2012

We just said goodbye to the Florida Team that came to help with winter camp. Brad dropped them off at the airport this morning. They did such a good job and were an awesome team! We are finished with Winter Camp and it was really really good! Wow, God really is amazing! Brad will write more in an update and will tell all about it. For those of you who prayed, thank you so much! In the Jenkins family, our big news is that Landon learned how to ski! We are so proud of our little guy, who was fearless, persevered and took to it quite naturally. It was so great to teach him to ski during winter camp, there were quite a few teachers to help teach him and they did an excellent job, thank you Kaja and David! Landon’s “teachers” kept telling him to make a pizza slice with his ski’s to stop, they kept saying “big pizza” and “little pizza”. Brad said at one point in the day after they had been talking a lot about making pizza slices in the snow, Landon stopped in his tracks and said “I am seriously hungry for some pizza right now!”. What a funny kid! Brad really wants us to be a skiing family so I guess Landon is going to have to teach me to ski :). Here are a few pictures of our little man, enjoy!


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