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Brad and Laurel's Blog

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I love organization!!!

February 2, 2012

Oh man, I am on an organization kick and I am loving it! I think it’s a combo of two things. One is coming back from the states, after being gone for 2 months and bringing all this new great stuff from america and trying to figure out where to put it all!!! The second is, it is 2012, something about the new year is making me want to get organized! So, the first major thing I did was organize my desk. Brad and his parents gave me this desk for my birthday last year and I love it but I have just been shoving stuff in and have not had a system. Now I do, and I can not tell you how good this makes me feel! Then I tackled a bunch of different, drawers and cupboards in our house and organized the boys toys and other stuff! Also, I am in the process of working out a routine for cleaning and I am trying to meal plan every week. Yeah for organization!


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How fun!! Way to go, Laurel!! I just in the past few months have adopted a cleaning plan and am pretty regular about meal planning. I love it! It’s so much fun to make my little plan and then to do it! I feel like I waste less time, don’t spend as much time feeling guilty or hungry and spend less $$ because I have a plan that works. I wish we could have coffee again and discuss our little systems 🙂


February 2, 2012

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