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Update on Lando!

January 30, 2012

Well, here’s an update on Landon. He is as animated as ever. He still loves to dress up (as evidenced by the pirate picture :)), loves to dance, loves super heroes and is currently really enjoying little legos. He is as fun as ever, and we love our fun performer kiddo! We are really talking about God, prayer, a relationship with Jesus, real things as opposed to fake things, being respectful, not talking back, loving people well, death, life, oh wow…all sorts of things. This kids is so interested in life and asks great questions and sure keeps us on our toes! He is getting so big, time is ticking away in his last year of pre-school and then next year he will go on to elementary school. We visited the school today and went to a parents meeting. He was actually shy and I think is pretty overwhelmed about the language, so if you think about it, we sure would love your prayers about school next year! Since coming back to America he has gotten back into a routine nicely with pre-school but is still getting his brain re-booted in Slovene! I keep praying and entrusting this to the Lord and we know that HE is with our kid as he goes off to “Big school” next year!


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