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Brad and Laurel's Blog

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December 19, 2011

We have been in California for the last few weeks. We have had a great time visiting family and friends. Jackson was sick in Oregon and then became ill again! This last week he has been feverish, coughing, runny nose, clingy, cuddly and just all around not feeling good. He ended up breaking out in a rash all over his tummy, back and face so I took him to the Dr’s for the second time since we’ve been in the states! He has a virus that it’s last stage ends in a rash. It is almost gone now and he is feeling so much better! Poor guy! Please pray with us for continued healing and health for all of us! Thank you!


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Oh man! We are dealing with the same thing with Squeak. Hope J get’s better soon. Poor lil guys. Great pics of J, btw. Love the out of focus lights in the back. Miss you bunches, Friend! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


December 24, 2011

Thanks Abs! Sorry to hear about Micah :(. Hope he feels better soon!


December 24, 2011

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