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The BIG 5!

October 13, 2011

Landon turned 5 years old last month! I can’t believe he is already 5! So crazy!! I know I posted about his birthday but I haven’t done a post updating you all about him, so here goes! He is getting tall and is as skinny as ever! He is growing right out of 5T and when we are in the states I am stocking up on 6T! He is super active and is proving to be quite the athletic little guy.  This summer he learned how to ride a real bike 🙂 (no training wheels). He taught himself in 5 minutes and has been off ever since, it was super cool to watch! He is still very musical and rhythmic. Loves to dance, play instruments, sings often and now is into rapping…interesting to see where this all will go!  He is doing extremely well in the Slovene pre-school class he was in last year. He is speaking more and more Slovene and understanding more and more! It is just amazing to watch his language learning progress! He loves people, has a few sweet friendships in Maribor and some within our team that live in different cities.  He loves to play, imagine, pretend, built, paint, sculpt, cook, read…ect…Currently, we are working on the letters of the alphabet, what sounds they make, how to write them, in hopes that this year he will learn to read! I really want him to read before he goes to big slovene school next year! Wow, I am already praying and thinking, wishing and hoping for what next year will be like for him! If you want to join me in praying I would love it! I am praying for a great first teacher and a great class of students (as he will stay with the same class of kids for the whole elementary school program 8 or 9 years, I believe!). Well, I better run to pick Landon up from pre-school!


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