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October 10, 2011

Last weekend the Lovse’s and our family did a quick blitz trip to Germany and back. We went to visit a wonderful church family called Frontline Community. When we lived in Germany I was close with the Evett’s family. During our time in Germany they felt led by God to start a church which we had the privilege of watching grow through the years. When we left Germany we kept up with our friends and the church and now we are partnering in different ways to reach youth in Slovenia. We are so thankful for this partnership with this group of believers. During our quick trip Brad and Andrej had the privilege of talking at a men’s prayer breakfast, spoke during both services and spoke to the youth during their program. We loved connecting to a few close friends that are still in the area, made some new friends, went on base and showed the Lovse’s our old stomping grounds, went to a fall festival in the village that we used to live in and Landon played on a playground he used to play in. We had a great time seeing our old community. We are so thankful God has allowed us to stay connected with Frontline! Thanks church family for a warm welcome!


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That pic with Landon and the boar’s head is priceless. So funny!


December 4, 2011

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