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Messy but happy boys!

September 16, 2011

A month ago I was cleaning out some stuff and I had an empty container left over. I have been using it as a “sensory station”(terminology left over from my days of teaching pre-school :)) for Landon to play with. I put rice in it and let him roll his dump trucks and farm animals around in it, then I put water in it and rubber frogs, then we put food coloring in the water with the frogs and they went swimming. Finally I decided to be brave and get out shaving cream so the frogs could play in “snow”. I was brave, the boys enjoyed it immensely and I probably won’t do it again for awhile, it was messy!!!


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Wow! You are an amazing, fun mother to our boys. They are so blessed to have you. They have had so many adventures and fun times these past few months. You could put aprons or smocks over their clothes, but it’s still messy (shaving cream). I’m surprised J.L. didn’t put it in his mouth, but L.J. did! I think he’s (Landon) like you were! Love you all and God loves you, Mama/Oma

Elizabeth Borslien

September 17, 2011

You do such fun activities with our boys! They are so blessed to have you.

Elizabeth Borslien

September 19, 2011

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