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English Camp!

July 29, 2011

So I am finally doing a more thorough blog on camp! It was seriously great! It was the first English Camp that Andrej and Brad led together. Brad had such a good time and really enjoyed every minute of it. He was the camp speaker and did a great job figuring out what to talk about each night.

I had the privilege of overseeing our english teachers. We had 6 different english classes. Each teacher did an excellent job teaching and each class went very well! I am so proud of the teachers, assistants and translators that ll worked very well together!

Every day Brad led or helped lead afternoon games. This year we made the games a bigger deal by having team competitions and the winners got cool t-shirts that Gwynne designed! It was a really fun part of camp!

Gwynne and Urska led the camp dance and did a fabulous job! Nina led the band and of course she did a wonderful job and really brought so much life to camp through the music!

After the evening program and small group discussions we had a late night program. Gwynne led them and they really all went so well! A few of my favorites was 80’s night and art night!

About a week and a half before camp started my mom called and said that she would be able to come and watch the boys for me! It was such a miracle how it all worked out. It was seriously such a huge blessing to have her with us during camp. Thanks mom for coming!

Yeah for camp! Can’t wait till next year :)!


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