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32 years old…

June 25, 2011

Last year Brad played for the Ljubljana Silver Hawks football team. He loved playing for them and had a great season, only injuring himself once :). This year he coached a bit for the Maribor General team and was going to play again for the Silverhawks. However, for several reasons we didn’t think it would work out. Until a few weeks ago, when the coach called and was desperate for Brad to play, so he happily agreed. Last Sunday he played and during the first quarter tore his MCL and was unable to play the rest of the game and most likely the rest of the season (we are towards the end of the season so it’s really ok). All week he has been on crutches and laying on the couch, computer in lap, feet iced and propped up. The recovery has been slower then he had hoped. He injured the same knee in HS and it took him 3 days to recover but he’s not in HS anymore…he’s 32 year old! I have to keep reminding him! 🙂 It has worked out ok because he has so many details to finalize for camp that he can easily do on the laptop. Thankfully, all the details are coming together for camp and he is up walking around on his knee and even drove today! Please continue to pray for complete quick healing on his knee as it is “go time” and camp is quickly approaching! Thanks so much for standing with us! We love and miss you all so much! Here are a few pictures of the accident. He is number 51.


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