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Some of my favorite things!

June 18, 2011

Just thought I would post a few things that I have really enjoyed lately. Of course my real favorite things are my family and friends but here are a few fun little things that I have liked a lot in the last few weeks!

My good friend gave me this mug for my birthday from Starbucks. I really love it and it reminds me of home :)!

I have made homemade tortillas 3 times now and we are hooked! I finally have it down and they are so yummy! They are cheap and taste so much better. I enjoy cooking and I like cooking in Slovenia! I have learned so much since I have lived here and I make so much more homemade stuff and I am surprised by how much I enjoy it!

I have always wanted to have a green thumb but have always struggled with keeping plants alive! Since we have moved to this house I have been given several plants and I am determined to keep them alive. I have four flowering plants on my kitchen windowsill and so far so good! While I wash the dishes and cook in my kitchen I look at my flowering plants and smile :)! Those are just a few fun things i have enjoyed lately!


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Send the recipe–I’ll adapt it for gluten-free. Glad you had a great birthday–those boys are the best, of course, and so are you and Brad. Praying for camp.


June 20, 2011

We love home made tortillas too!!! Just a few months ago we started making them ourselves. So easy and yummy- I was kicking myself for not trying it sooner. 🙂


June 20, 2011

I will give you the recipe when you come Mom :)! And, Louise I totally agree! They are easy but for me I had to make them 3 times before I had a system down and felt good about them :)! So much cheaper too!


June 25, 2011

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