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a bummer day…

June 10, 2011

On Wednesday we went to a team picnic to welcome our summer interns. Soon after arriving I looked at Jackson and realized that he had what looked like inflamed mosquito bites all over him! I wasn’t sure what was going on but they continued to flame up then go down and then more would crop up…On thursday they continued and I wasn’t sure what I should do. I was racking my brain trying to think what could produce this kind of reaction. This morning (fri) I decided to take him to his doctor…long story short we ended up going to his doctor, then were told to immediately go to the hospital and that we would probably have to spend the night! At the hospital we saw a total of 3 more doctors and they all concluded he wasn’t having an allergic reaction, or a bacterial reaction but it is a physical reaction. This means that when he is touched especially when he’s scraped he will break out. The reason for this reaction is unclear but he is on medicine and lotion and the last doctor thought it would go away by 3 weeks time! All of the hospital doctors agreed there was no reason for us to stay the night! Thank you Jesus! Please pray with us that this goes away quickly and that nothing more serious develops. He was overall very good through the ordeal and was sad a bit because he was really tired! As you can tell from the first picture! Poor little guy! href=””>


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That first picture just breaks your heart! Poor fella!

Amber Paterson

June 12, 2011

I know! It breaks my heart too but it really does describe our day :(!


June 12, 2011

Oh, poor lil guy! I will be praying for him and you all. 🙂 Hugs and love from Oregon!


PS: Your hair is getting super long again!


June 13, 2011

Thanks Abs! Hugs from Slovenia :)! Hope you guys are doing well and staying healthy! And, yes my hair is getting long…not sure what to do with it…my hair life is an up and down roller coaster of long, short, long, short…not sure what to do :)!


June 13, 2011

That is such a great picture! It couldn’t be more perfect if you tried. He looks sooo bummed!


June 14, 2011

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