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May 17, 2011

As I looked back through my pictures for April and now half of May I saw that we did a lot of celebrating. We  celebrated some big things: babies being born, weddings, Jesus’ resurrection and some little things: birthdays, spring ect…! Just wanted to share with you a handful of things we have been celebrating over here!

My dear friend Trisha had a sweet baby girl on March 15th so in April we threw a little baby shower for her and celebrated precious Elizabeth! This pretty lady is not my dear friend Trish but another dear friend and teammate Brooke, holding Elizabeth. I didn’t have any pictures of Trish holding her baby! What?! Apparently I was not thinking…:)

Then a week or two later we had a surprise party for Trish and partied up some more! Just a quick side note her husband Hondo baked the cake! Points for Hondo :)! So glad you are in this world  Trish and thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

Then a few days later I did an Easter Egg Hunt for Landon’s class celebrating Easter and Jesus’ resurrection!  And I was even nice and shared my ziplock bags from the states with the kids so they had something to collect their eggs in…ziplock bags are pricey and hard to come by over here…

The day before Easter we celebrated our friends Dan and Barbara getting married! Oh wow, it was a beautiful, amazing, Christ-centered ceremony and we are so privileged to have been there to cheer  them on and celebrate with them! Woohooo!

The next day we celebrated and rejoiced over Jesus resurrection from the dead allowing us to have life in and with Him! We are so thankful for this…

In May we celebrated Nina, Eva and Dan’s birthday’s all in early May! So glad we know you 3! We like you all so much and so glad to be apart of your lives!!


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