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Days 3,4 and 5

April 14, 2011

Wow.  It’s easy to say that we were all blown away by the response to Nick coming to town (St. Nick?) 🙂  It was breath taking to see 3,500 people fill the arena here in Maribor, to see and hear everyones reaction to Nick and to later hear how “his” message of hope in Jesus inspired many.  Many people walked away desiring to know more about this hope that Nick spoke of.  It’s so clear we are all hungry for true life, true food.  And, Jesus offers that food!

The last night of Nick speaking was in Ljubljana.  We were all a little nervous because just a week before the event there were only 1500 tickets sold.  But, over 7,000 people ended up showing up the day of and ended up being a really great night (they all were!)  It was amazing to see people from our whole JV team chipping in and contributing to making this event happen.  Katka Bordner led the 150 person choir and had a solo.  Her sister Gloria was a main singer also and Josh, our team leader had an amazing solo himself! Who knew Josh could sing like that!  Another teammate Johnny took pictures for the event…men took care of children so that their wives could be up on stage.  It was a team effort!  Coolest of all though was to see the Christians and pastors working together to make the event happen.  I know for sure that here in MB we are knit together in a unique way because of this event!

Here are some more pictures from the other nights.  Thanks for standing with us!


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We have been praying for the barriers erected by years of communism to fall and “The Hope of the Gospel” to be heard. May the Holy Spirit lead each of you as your lifes water the seed “St Nick” planted. Praise HIM who is worthy to be Praised! May God sustain your ministry and protect your precious family.


April 14, 2011

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