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The Kick-off

April 6, 2011

Over 2,500 people filled the auditorium with standing room only for our first night with Nick Vujicic.  Never before in the history of Slovenia have so many people attended an evangelistic event, and that was just the first night! They heard a story of hope and faith in Jesus Christ and were encouraged to take steps closer to God.

Nick’s unique sense of humor and occasional use of Serbian gave him a special connection with the audience. The fact that he has Yugoslavian heritage makes a huge difference in this small country.

Tonight’s event will take place in the coastal town of Koper.  In the entire coastal region there is only one established evangelical church and 3 or 4 small home groups. So far, ticket sales for this event and the one in the capital city have been slower.  Nick will be speaking to a High School today in Koper.  Pray that many will come and bring their families to the Gospel presentation in the evening.

Thanks for standing with us!


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It’s so incredible to see God answer prayer. It’s emotional for me to look at this photo and see Neza and Kaja and Laura and realize this generation IS REALLY GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

Lin Sexton

April 7, 2011

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