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Catching up!

March 6, 2011

I thought I would do a quick catch up blog for December and January, the months I missed when we were moving and didn’t have internet! So here goes. In early December we had a Christmas party with our teammates and some of our youth from Maribor. We had a great time decorating cookies, playing games and we even had a white elephant gift exchange!

Right after this party we were told we could move into the house we had waited 7 months for! We had to paint every wall in the house as the previous renters apparently loved BRIGHT colors. So…we painted and clean like crazy all week…Then we hopped in the car and drove to Germany to visit friends and one of our partner churches! It was kind of a crazy trip. As we drove into the Kaiserslautern area we drove into a snow storm but made it just fine. Then the next morning we woke up to Landon throwing up and Brad was very sick with a bad cold so we couldn’t see anyone for the first 24 hours or so! Then on Sunday when we were supposed to go to church it was cancelled due to more snow! However, we did get to see some dear friends and over all had a restful trip. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of friends just a few of the boys!

We came home from Germany and immediately started moving in to our new house! We thought we would have to clean and then move in but our dear teammates Andrej and Nina and some of our youth cleaned the whole house for us! So…we moved in right before Christmas. We had been praying like crazy that we would move before Christmas and God answered our prayers. We enjoyed a wonderful restful Christmas morning together and then drove to our friends house in Slovene Gradez and had Mexican food for Christmas 🙂 Yum! We had a great chill time with the Wynn’s! Thanks guys!

After Christmas we unpacked like crazy, took a trip to IKEA to buy a couch and then got everything ready to have the youth over for a New Year’s Eve Party. We really had such a great time hanging out together and was definitely worth all the work of getting our house ready in a hurry!


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