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A week on our own…

February 27, 2011

Last week Brad was in the Czech Republic for a conference. He had a great time and the boys and i stayed at home and we had a great time too! Of course we missed him but it was still a really sweet time with my little buddies! This was the first time that I have been alone for an extended period of time with 2 boys! Often when Brad would leave I would fill my time so busy (so that I wouldn’t feel lonely) that he would come home to an exhausted wife and a tired kiddo! This time I was determined to listen to the Lord, pace myself well and be intentional about my week and I was! I just love being a mom of 2 sons! I am so thankful for them. One day I was getting ready in the bathroom and Landon came in with his swimming trunks on his head and he totally reminded me of Pharoah! He then put them on Jackson’s head and that’s when we decided to take a picture! I love that they are already doing goofy things together even if Jackson doesn’t quite know what is going on :)! Life with kids is quite an adventure, you never know what is going to happen next :)! Back to the conference, Brad had a great time, teaching was super good, connection with our teammates was great and they all (Brad, Andrej and Nina) came back excited about ministry and life ahead of us! Even though I didn’t get to go to the conference Brad has been going through his notes and sharing with me so I am excited too!


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