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We are back!!!

January 27, 2011

After a month and a half “sabbatical” from blogging I am back and ready to get everybody caught up on team Jenkins! I was forced to take one when suddenly in the middle of December we found out we could finally move into the house we had been waiting for and then we didn’t have internet for a few weeks! However, we are moved into our new home and back online and ready to roll! The next few blogs will just be catching up what we did in Dec and Jan…but for this blog I thought I would just post a few recent pictures of Jackson as he is the one in our family that has changed the most in the last month and a half since I blogged!  (Also, shout out to Amber and Mike, that last picture is for you guys:)).


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wow jackson is so big!!! And I still didn’t get to meet him! Also can you put up pictures of your new house? Thank you 🙂 Miss you! Wish you guys lived closer or/and that I had a car or life besides work/school/ministry.


January 27, 2011

Wow, Jackson is sure getting big! 🙂
It’s fun reading your blog since we don’t see each other anymore… I’m going back to Hungary in 6 days and I’m sorry we weren’t able to see each other but I hope we’ll be able to do that in the summer 🙂
I miss having you around!!


January 27, 2011

Jackson is so cute! Thanks for sharing pictures, missed your blog and so glad that you are back! : )


January 27, 2011

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