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Performing Arts Camp!

August 18, 2010

Today is Day 5 of Performing Arts Camp that our good friend and teammate Katka Bordner is directing. We are here because a wonderful church in Germany that we are closely connected with brought a team of High School students to participate in the camp and to share God’s love with the students.  The camp is going very well and Katka is doing an amazing job leading!  After today we still have 3 full days of camp ending with a big performance on Sat and Sunday! Everyone is doing well, just pretty tired.  The students are working so hard and I am so impressed with the skills God has given each of them in singing, drama and dance.  Landon is loving watching them practice!


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What seems to be Jackson’s favorite part of the camp; singing, drama, or dancing?


August 18, 2010

Not sure what Jackson’s fav is Dad! 🙂 But I think Landon’s is the dancing! He has entertained many with his dance moves!


August 20, 2010

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