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July 11, 2010

We just got back from English Camp last night! The camp was great!  Everything went really well. There is so much to tell but a few things really stand out to us. The youth that attended the camp were so positive and enjoyed EVERYTHING! They were very responsive to us, the American team and each other.  The atmosphere of the camp was very accepting and freeing for the youth and everyone involved.  Students heard the gospel and each responded differently but many were challenged and the staff had great conversations. We are very encouraged and we are looking forward to what God will do with our students from Maribor this year!  Here are a few pictures that represent different parts of the camp.

This is our wonderful intern Nathan who came to camp with us. He is from our home church and we have known him for 6 years. It has been a joy and privilege to watch him change and grow through the years and now to serve with him.

Nathan led games every day and he did a fantastic job! The kids LOVED it!

The team from Tennessee that came to help with camp did such a great job. They taught English and different workshops. One of the favorite workshops was the ty-dye workshop!

The lake was a favorite for free time! What a huge blessing it was to stay at the place we did, in a castle right by a lake!

The campers were not the only ones that enjoyed the lake! Landon LOVED going down, there was a great shallow part for the kids to splash around in.

Brad, Johnny and Andrej all took turns speaking. All of them did a great job and offered different things to the group. It was great and was a very important part of camp!

The woman on the right is Paige. She led the Tennessee team and helped out in so many ways at camp.  Every night after the evening program she and I set up and led the late night activities which were basically big themed parties. We had 4th of July Night, Hawaiian Night, Mission Impossible Night, Movie Night, Cafe Night and Cowboy Night. I had great time working with her!

I had the privilege of hanging out with the kiddos during English Class.  They had great attitudes all week and I enjoyed loving them all week long!

As many of you know, our son is not shy! He did a great job relating with the youth and everybody LOVED him and he loved them right back!

I am so thankful that Landon and Eva get a long so well! They had a great time playing outside all week!

We have one crazy kid! He is so silly, we sure do love him!

We are so thankful for each camper and staff member that came and we can’t wait for next year :)!


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I just wrote you a long comment and then I lost my internet connection. Blah. 🙂

I’m glad you had a lot of fun at camp and I’m so happy to hear what God did. I love the way He works in our lives 🙂

+ Brad, thanks for the text message at the beginning of our camp, Mateja showed it to me. I didn’t think about what you wrote but I think I was fearless for the first time in my life. It felt awesome! 🙂

You guys are great! 🙂


July 11, 2010

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your words are so kind! I can’t wait to hear about your camp! -Laurel


July 13, 2010

LOVED reading about English Camp, knowing it has long term effect in so many lives…Yay for God and you all.

Liz Stepanian

July 14, 2010

Thanks for the encouraging words! We agree, yay for God!! 🙂


July 15, 2010

What a beautiful place! I’m so glad to hear how well it went. And I love the dress you’re wearing in the pic with Lando!!


July 19, 2010

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