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3 hours of fame-not just 15 min!

June 13, 2010

Brad played football yesterday and it was shown on Slovene TV live! Landon and I went to the game but I did run to a little restaurant right by the game so I could see what he looked like on television and I must say-he does look good! The game was exciting and he played really well-but I’m not biased or anything! ( I read the book Blind side recently so now I know a little more about football so that’s been fun for me to understand a little more of what is going on, on the field).  They (Silverhawks, Brad’s team) did lose, but they were just won goal away from tying, so it wasn’t a slaughter or anything! It was a great game and so fun to see! It felt a little bit like I was in the states until they scored and the announcers played polka music really loud-I was reminded, nope I’m not in America! We love living in Slovenia and are so thankful to be here. (Brad is to the right of #88.  You can see the 5 in his jersey)


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