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When life gives you lemons make lemonade!

June 11, 2010

For my birthday by sweet friend Trisha gave me a cute little yellow cutting board and matching knife. Immediately when I saw it I thought I want to cut lemons on that baby and make some good old fashion lemonade! The weather has been quite nice and warm lately so the other day Neja and I made lemonade together while we waited for our bagels to bake.  It was so cute I just had to take a picture, later when I was looking at it I thought of this quote “When life give you lemons make lemonade”. I have kept thinking about it as our wait to move into our new place continues.  Because of circumstances beyond our control we can’t move in just yet and we are not sure when we will be able to move. We are 3/4 of the way packed and we are just waiting…in the mean time we need to be up in Maribor to advertise for our English Camp in schools, so we have had to drive to Maribor 2-3 times each week.  I have been feeling frustrated about the situation but today I was convicted of my frustration and repented. I want to make the best of this lemon situation!  Please pray that we will “make lemonade” out of our situation and that things will move along soon so we can move to Maribor! Thanks everybody! A big praise in the midst of this is that kids are signing up for camp and God continues to open doors for us to advertise! Thanks for those of you who prayed-keep praying :)!


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This was so wonderful and inspiring to read. May all you lemonade classes be sweet and fulfilling.. Love you all

Ray and Ann Reaves

June 19, 2010

Thanks Ray and Ann! We sure do miss you guys and think about you a ton!


June 22, 2010

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