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Cooking Adventures!

June 9, 2010

A few years ago when Brad and I knew that God was stirring our hearts for Slovenia I kept feeling filled with fear.  Many different fears were in my mind and this may sound silly but one of them was cooking!  I was fearful of cooking in a different country with different foods. Cooking has never come naturally for me so thinking about cooking in a different country felt especially overwhelming to me! I surrendered that and many of my fears to Jesus and now several years later I find myself in Slovenia loving cooking!  I actually love it more than any other season of my life and I have enjoyed it so much in the last 10 months of living here. Thank You Jesus for meeting me in my fears and for redeeming one of them! Today Neja and I made bagels! It was a bit of a project but we really enjoyed it and they taste really good! It’s fun to make something from scratch that reminds me of home.


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Oh, Laurel, that is so wonderful!!! I loved cooking in Slovenia, too. I’m not sure why…maybe because there aren’t as many choices in the market?? Thank you, Jesus!!!

Anna B.

June 9, 2010

Wow, they turned out great! Way to go! Yum, I have to get Kiley cooking again!


June 9, 2010

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