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Brad and Laurel's Blog

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Birthday surprise!

June 7, 2010

This year as I (Laurel) was gearing up towards turning 30 I felt sad thinking about all my friends and family that I would miss.  Brad knew that and so this year he asked people that were significant in my life to write me a letter. On my birthday he gave me 30 letters from friends, family, mentors and past students.  All the letters are so special to me and I was so thankful for this precious meaningful gift. One of the ways that I show and receive love is through words of affirmation so this special gift was especially fitting for me.  Thank you to each of you that took time to write down letters to me! I really felt so loved! And, thanks wonderful husband for giving me this gift! I was telling Brad thank you so much and Landon kept saying “your welcome mommy!”. Silly kiddo taking credit for Daddy’s idea, sounds like something Brad would do :)! [note from Brad: I tried my best to include as many people as I could, but if you would like to write a letter to Laurel as well, just e mail me and I’ll include your letter in her packet.]


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