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Brad and Laurel's Blog

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Last Day of school!

May 21, 2010

Today was our last day of class!  We feel very thankful to have the chance to focus on Slovene these last 8 months. As Brad says “when we first started classes we didn’t know anything and were TOTALLY confused! Now we know enough TO BE confused!” This is true but we really have come a long way and can see significant progress.  We are determined to continue in our learning with a tutor and possibly Brad might take one more small class…we’ll see. We are thankful to let our brains take a bit of a rest and to focus on moving to Maribor! I am so thankful to have this summer with Landon and to spend a lot of time with just him before #2 comes! I have really missed being with him all the time but I am so thankful for the two girls that watched him while we were in school. They are both so sweet, patient and kind with him and he just flourished with them.  Below are Landon’s two precious “teachers”. Thank you Mataja and Neja for watching Landon, we are so grateful for each of you!


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