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May 14, 2010

Here are a few new things about us.

I am 22 weeks pregnant and so far so good. We had another ultrasound this week and everything looks great. We are really excited about having 2 little boys! Landon and ?….still working on a name :).

We hope to move to Maribor June 1st. Please pray with us that all goes smoothly and that Brad and I are a great team working on all the details of the move.

Our last day of class is the 21st and of course our learning will not end! We are very thankful for these 2 semesters that we have experienced and we have really enjoyed our teachers.

We will be doing some intense promotion in Maribor schools for our English Camp this summer and would love your prayers for this.

Landon is doing great! He sure is growing up fast. Here’s a recent picture of him running…enjoy! As I think about the next few months I think about how packed it’s going to be. I am praying that God will sustain us and live in and through us as we run hard the next few months!


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I just wrote to ask all these details. Now I know. This is an amazing photo


May 14, 2010

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