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JV Spring Conference

May 10, 2010

Last week we drove to the Czech Republic 5 days for our annual JV spring conference. We had such a great time with our team from Slovenia and with all the other missionaries as well. The president of our mission, Dave Patty, spoke on “spiritual parenting” and it was so good! Brad and I are still thinking about many of the talks and I know it will really shape how Brad and I parent our little boys :)! During the week there was an excellent program for the kids and Landon had a great time playing with his little buddies( the picture above is Landon’s best little buddy Luke-our team leader’s son).  The older kids practiced and practiced for the musical “Lion King” and performed it for us on the last day. All in all we had an outstanding time and came back exhausted but very refreshed in our hearts! Below are some pictures of us and our teammates during the conference.

Picture above:  Two of our teammates and another guy  singing a song for a fun game time with everyone.

Brad and another guy just participating in a silly game!

Our team leader (for Slovenia) leading worship for the conference.

Two of the kids from our Slovenia team doing a great job in the musical! They were hilarious!


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More great life capturing shots from you! Just beautiful! Thanks for being that person in our lives! Love being team with you!

Kristi Patty

May 13, 2010

thanks Kristy those words are really kind.


May 14, 2010

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