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Brad and Laurel's Blog

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Spring Break

May 2, 2010

This last week we didn’t have school because of spring break.  Our brains were definitely starting to turn to mush, we really needed this pause!  I felt like my brain was a sponge and it was so soaked that it couldn’t retain any more! We went to Croatia for a few days just to rest as a family and get ready to push hard for 3 more weeks of language classes! We can’t believe that our last class ends May 21st! Crazy! Of course the language learning will never end 🙂 but the official classes are coming to an end quickly. We were in Croatia for a few days, our first stop was to visit some friends of ours that are also in JV.  They live by the coast and it was so fun to see them and to see the coast as well. We had a great time with this family and their kids are just wonderful. Thank you Stevo and Sarah for letting us visit and hang out with your family! Their son Marko, had a cool little suit of armor set and Landon LOVED the helmet. He wore it everywhere! 🙂 Reminded us of Eph. 6 and putting on your “spiritual armor”.


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