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School field trip!

April 26, 2010

Every other Friday our Slovene language school takes us on a field trip or has a workshop designed to teach us about Slovene culture.  This last friday our school went to the Ljubljana Zoo.  We asked our teacher and she said that Landon could come with us. We went and had a blast! The first part was a guided tour which included seeing a big snake and a tarantula up close. We touched both, the snake tickled my ear and we all held the big spider! It was a bit unnerving but a definitely interesting experience. The tour guide spoke in Slovene (of course) and we were just racking our brains to keep up and understand what was going on.  I definitely do not have zoo/animal vocabulary down! Landon loved every minute of it! Then we went out and saw the rest of the animals. We had a great time, the animals were pretty active and at a couple of points a little bit loud and nutty but we really enjoyed the experience with our class! Oh, also our good friend Juliana (co-worker in Germany) came and stayed with us briefly and was able to come to the zoo with us! It was really fun to see her and it was especially fun for Landon who loves Juliana so much!


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oh my gosh! That’s one stinking scary spider!! I’d die just seeing it out of the terrarium!! You guys are brave! And seeing it on Lando’s hand… man I bet he has been talking about it for days!


April 27, 2010

Yes Neja it was very scary but an interesting experience 🙂


May 2, 2010

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