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Football Game!

April 18, 2010

Yesterday, Landon and I had the pleasure of going to Brad’s football game. This was the first real game that we had the privilege of watching-his other one was in Serbia, so of course we couldn’t go to that one!  We went and a bunch of our JV teammates came with us. It was so fun to be with everyone and to watch Brad play.  It was kind of a crazy experience to be at an American football game in Slovenia! We kept asking each other-“are we really doing this, are we really watching American football…here!” Brad had a great time and did a great job.  It was really cool to see him interacting and relating with his teammates.  We continue to pray that God will open doors for Brad to share his faith.  Brad is number 57 and is a bit hard to see in some of the pictures, as I was far away and had the wrong lense on my camera! bummer…oh well, there will be other games.  Landon and I were there all afternoon (so that meant no nap for Lando) and he did great playing with his buddies, coloring, running and watching Daddy (every once in a while :)).  We had a great time and were thankful that God opened this door for Brad to be apart of! Oh and by the way, the Silverhawks (Brad’s team) won 48-0…ouch!


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Wow! I was totally having HS flashbacks, Lo! I adore those two bottom pictures – the one with Brad and Lando and the fence between then – GREAT shot – frame that one! And the binoculars (or as Gabe say – nanockoolars), how cute!!


April 20, 2010

Yah, I would have HS flashbacks but I hardly ever went to a FB game! I thought I had escaped this world 🙂 but nope! Thanks, I really like those pict’s too. Miss you!


April 26, 2010

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