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Passover and Egg’s

April 5, 2010

On Friday we drove up to Maribor because our church was having a Passover Seder.  It was so fun and family friendly.  We reviewed the story of the first Passover, sang songs, watched a movie, listened to mini “drama’s” between a few of the Father’s and their children explaining a few Bible passages concerning the Passover.  Landon was very interested and kept asking “What are they talking about?” as it was all in Slovene.  It was very encouraging for us as Brad and I understood quite a bit of what was going on.  On the way home Landon asked me to explain the Passover story and I explained it to him and explained how it was a foreshadowing of the Messiah-Jesus.  Then he asked me to tell it to him again, so I did, and then he asked me to explain it to him again-so Brad did :)!

On Saturday Landon and I attempted to dye Easter Egg’s. All of the Egg’s are brown except for one store that I found that had a little stack of white eggs from Germany! 🙂 The dye we used rubbed off when we picked them up but as long as we look at them from far away, they look pretty! Landon and I had a great time and he did such a good job following directions!  I am so proud of him and who he is growing up to be!


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