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Brad and Laurel's Blog

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Happy 31st Birthday Brad!

March 17, 2010

Yesterday Brad turned 31! Landon and I are so thankful for him and we had so much fun celebrating his life.  Unfortunately, he had to go to school 😦 but we brought treats to share with our class!  Our class had never heard of cinnamon rolls before so I found a recipe and it really was a winner! Our class loved them and it was so much fun to share with them.  We then went to one of Brad’s favorite places to eat for lunch. That evening we invited some good friends over and I made hamburgers and french fries 🙂 (good old classic American meal).  A really great girl that we know stopped by our apartment and gave Brad a cake in the shape of a football that she had made! It was so beautiful-word sure is getting around that he’s playing football :). We had a great time celebrating him! We (Lando and I) are so thankful for you Brad Jenkins! By the way, Brad is not turning 13 like the candles are indicating, he really did turn 31 (we have funny friends :)).


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