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Surprize in the mail…

February 23, 2010

A few weeks back Grandma and Papa (Brad’s parents) sent Landon a manila envelope with a special art project in it. Landon’s wonderful Grandma had cut out all sorts of nature pictures and wanted us to make a collage out of the pictures.  Landon was SO excited about it. We looked over each picture and spread them out all over the table. He made 2 collages and carefully picked out each picture. It was interesting to see which pictures he was drawn too and which ones he wasn’t. He was really interested in the hummingbird pictures-which was a surprize to me! He kept pointing to the hummingbirds and said “they beat their wings really fast and eat flowers!” Thanks Grandma for this fun project we had so much fun doing it together and sure wish you were with us!


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Ha! I LOVE that first picture!! Oh Landon, you are so crazy! It’s good to know that hummingbirds “eat” flowers. I’ll be on my guard! Miss you friend!


March 1, 2010

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