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Brad and Laurel's Blog

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January 23, 2010

Today we went with our tutor Helena, her husband Aleš and their daughter Julia and Hondo, Trish and their son Caleb to go sledding!  We had SO much fun! First we walked and walked and walked up and up (in switch back fashion for at least an hour) all the way to the top of a huge hill. Up on the top is the border between Austria and Slovenia so that’s pretty cool. Then we all hopped onto sleds (Brad, Landon and I all on one) and rode all the way down! It was so crazy, in many parts it was super bumpy and you have to watch out for people that are trekking up the hill. Also, if you want you can go REALLY fast. We were extremely impressed with other sledders steering and navigational skills and were aware that we were lacking in that area! Slowly we got the hang of it and worked together pretty well. It was so much fun and we just laughed the whole way down! We really enjoyed being with our friends and were so thankful for this fun time!


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Beautiful pictures (again!) Laurel!!! Sounds like you are having magical moments to treasure. We remembered you & prayed for you on Thursday night as a group – also for Brad & his football playing! Love & hugs to you. Linda


January 23, 2010

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