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Brad and Laurel's Blog

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Christmas Musical!

January 5, 2010

Our dear friend Katka (she and her husband David own the house we are living in and are teammates of ours) is gifted in music. She has such a beautiful voice and really uses it to reflect Jesus.  In the past few years she has led a choir from her church and has done many Christmas performances around Slovenia. This year the choir grew to include more youth and adults and they performed a wonderful musical that embodied the true meaning of Christmas! They had 6 performances and did a fantastic job. I thought you might like to have a taste of what it was like. Katka is on the left directing the choir.


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Thanks so much for the up-date on your family and ministry! We are praising the Lord with you, Laural, with regard to your dryer! Keeping your home ready for visitors who may drop in on laundry day just doesn’t give peace, does it? We loved your pictures…thanks for sending them. You three look very happy and it looks like the snow is no problem for any of you! Enjoyed the musical and Landon’s rendition of Jesus Loves Me. Children are such a blessing! Take care, Dave and Debbie Schmitt

Debbie Schmitt

January 5, 2010

Thanks for reading the blog Debbie! Yes-I cannot tell you just how thankful I am for the gift of a dryer!! Every time I push the on button and hear it’s soft hummm, I thank the Lord for it!! 🙂 Hope you all are doing well and hope that you have a good, meaningful 2010!


January 5, 2010

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