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Germany trip continued…

December 26, 2009

We hung out with the Evans family and a whole slew of our wonderful Malachi friends and had a great time enjoying being together. On sunday we went to one of our supporting churches.  It was wonderful connecting with this church. We really love these people and are always encouraged when we are around them.  The church wanted to bless our team and so they got together a bunch of game supplies, card games, tons of soccer balls, american footballs, basketballs, kick balls, nerf balls ect…and gave them to us for our whole team! This was a huge encouragement and a big blessing to us and our team. We will use them in so many different ways at camps, youth groups and countless activities.  Thank you so much Frontline Community Church!! We are so thankful!! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture to show you all the balls but it is pretty amazing how many there were. Brad spent several hours deflating all the balls so we could fit them in our car for the drive home 🙂

Also, while we were in Germany (it was a pretty packed weekend! ) we spent time with several dear families. One of the family’s was Anthony, Jessica, Alethia, and Masami. Alethia is the same age as Landon and they have been friends since they were babies. Every time they see each other they have so much fun together. It was so much fun seeing our kids connect but sad also since we live so far a part!  We had a great time seeing everybody and miss you guys already!


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