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December 7, 2009

I keep thinking about what I want Landon to think about during the Christmas season and 2 things keep crossing my mind. 1. that He knows the reason we celebrate Christmas (Jesus’ birth) and that He has a spirit of giving instead of just getting.  So…in Europe they celebrate St. Nicholas Day on Dec. 6th, that’s when they do their stockings. The history of St. Nicholas and how the tradition started really centers around him being kind and giving and being very generous with 3 sisters in need. So, on Friday Landon and I talked and talked about it and then we made stockings and got all ready to give them to our good friends David and Katka.  I also told them that he would get a stocking too! He was really excited about that but also excited about giving too! Then I realized that St. Nicholas Day was on Sunday  not Saturday and I had pumped him up on the wrong day :)! So, we had St. Nicholas day on Saturday instead of Sunday! If anyone has creative ways on how to teach your kids the spirit of giving I would love to hear!


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Your Dad and I delivered gift boxes to the community last year in the snow and will this year as well (maybe not in the snow, however). Is the apron waterproof? You had one that saved a lot of clothes-changing. His hair is so long again, but then the haircut I saw was almost 9 months ago! Wow. Love these pics!

Opa and Oma

December 7, 2009

I love you mom! We miss you guys.


December 10, 2009

hey there my friend! We are at my parent’s house and celebrated Christmas yesterday. One thing Eve and I did was to make a birthday cake for Jesus- (cause she loves b-day parties). We sang the b-day song for Him and then talked about what kind of gifts we could give to Jesus (like a good attitude, thankful heart, serving others in different ways- anything that would please God). Eve came up with obeying mommy and daddy and loving Jesus as her gifts to Him. It turned out way more awesome than I expected… so hopefully it’s another option you can consider.
I miss you my friend- and am always praying for you guys! Landon’s hair is so long- so sweet!
love ya- ang


December 13, 2009

Thanks Ang-I have heard of that and have been thinking of doing that AND my friend brought me some American cake mix so maybe I can do it :). Love you so much! thanks for responding!


December 15, 2009

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