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December 4, 2009

Years ago I got this idea in my head that if I ever bought a Nativity set I would want it to be kid friendly. Something Landon could interact with and that he could play with and we could talk about the real reason we celebrate Christmas.  Our first year of marriage God gave me a little wooden nativity set-really I felt like God gave it to me, it’s a cool story (it’s the one in the picture). Then a few years ago we took our Middle School kids on mission trips to Elim Mission in Poland. One of the ways they minister to families is through providing jobs for people so they can support their families.  One of the ways they provide jobs is through making beautiful handmade cloth nativity sets-again very kid friendly, so we got one. Then, two Christmases ago my mom bought Landon the fisher price Nativity set…so this year was the first year Landon really interacted with it (last year everything was in boxes) and it has been so cool! He plays with them ALL the time! He loves it…we keep talking about Christmas and why we celebrate it and what these nativity sets have to do with it, I keep trying to connect the dots for him but we’re still working on it 🙂 Anyway, it’s just been really cool to see a idea of mine being played out in my son’s life! If any of you have good Christmas ideas that bring out the real meaning of the holiday, please feel free to share!


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yay. so cute.


December 6, 2009

Thanks Tania-miss you guys!


December 7, 2009

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