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Strep throat!

December 3, 2009

So, today I had a new experience-we had our first doctor’s appointment and it went quite well! Yesterday, Landon woke up crying and said “something is touching my throat!”.  He has a history of strep throat so we were concerned…the rest of the day he was not himself at all, so last night I looked down his throat and saw that it was red and swollen and had white spots on it! So, today my friend Lori kindly drove me and Landon to her doctor’s office.  The doctor was kind and spoke great English but did not believe me that he had strep.  I felt pretty confident it was, because of our past experience with Landon and strep, so I was trying to catch it on the front end. I asked for a strep test and although she did not agree she kindly gave him one.  Lo and behold the kid has strep! I am so thankful for the smooth doctors visit this morning, that we caught it quickly and after 2 doses of medicine we already see significant improvement! Yeah!! I prayed and I totally felt God’s clear hand of guidance and faithfulness through the whole event!


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I am so glad the medicine is helping. Did you try the sinus rinse? Ugh.


December 3, 2009

OH we did! 3 times so far, the last time Brad turned to me and said “I’ve never heard Landon yell like this before!”…Ugh is right! It was awful! But it really has helped me though!


December 5, 2009

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