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Tivoli park

November 9, 2009


On Saturday we bought new boots for Landon which he was very excited about! He has tennies but they got soaking wet in the cave and we realized quickly that they will not work for the coming winter. We went shopping for some good boots and hopefully found some good ones. Landon was so excited about them because it means that he can walk through puddles now! We took him to Tivoli park where he rode his bike through all the puddles! We had such a great time and we are continuing to enjoy exploring Ljubljana.  We looked on a map and it is a huge park, so we have much more to explore for later days! In one part of the park there are beautiful photographs lining the walkway.  One photograph is a picture of a famous statue of a dragon, Landon was very curious about the scary looking dragon! Just thought I would share the picture I took of him looking at the scary dragon picture! 🙂



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Our place was right next to Tivoli park and we used to be there a lot.


November 9, 2009

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