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The advantages and disadvantages of living on a huge hill

October 25, 2009

I know you all like hearing from Laurel more, but I thought I would hijack the blog for a second.  So, I’m sure we have mentioned this before, but we live on a huge hill.  There are certain positive and negatives that come with this.  First the negative:  It can be a bit stressful every time we go up our road.  It’s a tiny one laner and if you meet somebody head on, the guy going up the hill has to find a place to pull over and let the other guy pass.  There are a handful of places to turn off but it takes skillful maneuvering and can get very tricky at times.  Also, when it rains now and when it will snow later it can be tough to get up the hill at all.  We’ve been ok in our car so far, but when moving in David and Katka upstairs last week the big van just didn’t make it up.  I can only imagine what it will be like in the snow and freezing rain.

The positives defintely out-weigh the negatives.  We live on the hill called “Golovec.”  It is beautiful and has many amazing walking/running/biking trails all over it.  Part of the “pot” runs through it which is a path that goes around the city that was built in remembarance of the barb wire fence that was built around the city in WW2 to keep out invaders (the Italians and then the Nazi’s manned the fence).  You can read more here: Pot We’ve been able to get out and walk or run a bunch on all the trails on Golovec and it’s just breathtaking (pun intended) everytime we get out.  It’s just a few minute walk to find the trails from our house!





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